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$100K Jetpack To Hit Retail Shelves Late 2011

It's been two decades now since The Rocketeer soared into U.S. theatres and we're still walking, biking, and driving to work. But not all is lost: so long as you can come up with $100,000, you might soon be able to propel yourself to and from the ... office with a Martin Aircraft jetpack. Our hopes of zig-zagging through the sky are up this week after word that the Martin Aircraft company recently conducted a successful field test of its jetpack prototype. The real victory during the test, however, was the demonstration of the jetpack's emergency parachute. The chute worked exactly as it was ... (view more)

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Rocketman Crosses Colorado Gorge

Remember the 1991 film, "The Rocketeer", where a young pilot uses a jetpack prototype to become a masked vigilante and win the heart of Jennifer Connelly? That scenario isn't as far-fetched as it once was, given that an American stuntman recently ... used a jetpack to soar over Colorado's Royal Gorge. The stuntman in question is one Eric Scott, who recently appeared on CBS' Early Show and a variety of local cable channels after making his daring leap. Scott has been testing jetpack devices for some 16 years, and was confident that he wouldn't plummet to his untimely death when he straddled the ... (view more)

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