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'GIMP Shop 9.20', and 'Juice Receiver 2.0'

GIMP Shop 2.0 GIMP Shop is an image editor and operates similar to Adobe Photoshop. It’s very richly featured and runs quite well, producing a quality result. www.gimpshop.net/ Juice Receiver 2.0 Juice lets you effortlessly subscribe to podcasts, o ...rganize them, and listen to them at your convenience. In conjunction with PodNova, it's easier to use Juice to organize podcasts than using iTunes itself. juicereceiver.sourceforge.net/ ... href="/news/9497/gimp-shop-920-and-juice-receiver-20" class="more-link">view more)

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'Tiny Disk', and 'Juice'

Tiny Disk TinyDisk is a program which turns TinyURL and TinyURL-like services (such as NanoURL) into a system for saving files. It creates an anonymous, persistent and globally shared filesystem. Once something is uploaded, only the database admin ... can delete it. Everyone can read it. No one can know who created it. Think of it as a magical CD-R that gets burned and placed on a network. http://www.msblabs.org/tinydisk/index.php Juice If you want to listen to podcasts, this program is for you. Juice is the premier podcast receiver, allowing users to capture and listen to podcasts anytime, ... (view more)

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