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Controversial Study for a Controversial Site

Facebook has come under much scrutiny since its popularity exploded during 2007. With the year rounding out, we can think back to all the buzz created by a social networking site that asked for an individual's private details and then neatly handed ... them to Microsoft's advertising division. Questions of voyeurism and greed continue to dog Facebook. Now, a controversial study is examining the controversial web site. Researchers at Harvard University have decided that they'd like to know what the racial and ethnic interests of Facebook users might be. The analysts recently gained access to the ... (view more)

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Not all custom built Dell's ship with Vista

Consumers purchasing some high end computers online Dell are having to make those purchases with Windows XP, due to issues with some peripherals that are incompatibile with Windows Vista. There is no indication that the problem is widespread, but ... some customers wanting to build their own computers from Dell may be forced to choose hardware that isn't ready to run on Microsoft Windows Vista. A Dell spokesperson confirmed last Friday that two of its high-end gaming machines won't run the latest version of Microsoft's latest operating system (OS) at all. "There are still some compatibility ... (view more)

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