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Facebook 'Like' Lands Man in Court

A Swiss man is being sued for defamation for "liking" Facebook posts. But the court case looks set to concentrate on the individuals involved, rather than the technological principle. "The Local," a English-language Swiss news site, reports that the ... man had clicked the "like" button beside eight different posts by a range of animal rights groups. Each of the posts accused another man involved in the animal rights movement of anti-Semitism and racism. (Source: ) It's an intriguing legal point as technically the man being sued for libel has not ... (view more)

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Megaupload, Kim Dotcom Lawyers Go On the Offensive

Megaupload's lawyers say that the United States Department of Justice's copyright infringement charges represent "prosecutorial overreach" and have no basis in U.S. law. The site's legal team made that argument in a white paper released to the media ... on Tuesday. According to that white paper, the Department of Justice is pursuing its case against Megaupload and site founder Kim Dotcom on a "theory" that the accused participated in criminal secondary copyright infringement. However, there's no basis for such an argument in U.S. criminal law. Secondary Copyright Infringement Not A Crime, Lawyers ... (view more)

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Public Not Bothered By Secret Video Game Hanky-Panky

Lawyers may have kicked up a stink over explicit scenes in a previous edition of Grand Theft Auto (GTA), but the game-playing public doesn't seem particularly concerned. This week, lawyers revealed that just 2,676 people filed claims; that may sound ... like a large number, but it's a tiny proportion of the 21.5 million people who'd bought the game at last count -- particularly as the settlement pretty much guaranteed free money for anyone who could be bothered feigning offence. It's all particularly interesting news given the popularity of this most recent release of GTA, Grand Theft Auto 4. ... (view more)

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