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Report: 71% of Malware-Related Sites are Legitimate

While most malware infections occur when an unsuspecting user clicks onto a dubious web site, a new report suggests that malware infections also occur on legitimate sites. Websense Security Labs recently released their bi-annual research report ... which suggests that 71 per cent of known websites containing malware are actually legitimate sites. The report encompasses the second half of 2009. Hackers Poison Social Search The report also sheds some light on another growing malware trend: an increased number of searches for the latest news or current buzzwords often leads to malware. In a recent ... (view more)

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Google Groups Trojan Reveals Latest Trend in Malware

In an ongoing effort to evade malware detection, hackers have started to hide their 'command and control' instructions in legitimate sites like Twitter and Google Groups -- and with limited fear of being discovered. Recent Google Groups Trojan News ... of a recent attack broke after security specialists at Symantec followed a Trojan horse programmed to visit a private "Google Groups" newsgroup called escape2sun. After visiting the page, PCs were instructed to download encrypted instructions and software updates for malware. Experts call these 'command and control' instructions and are used to ... (view more)

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