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LimeWire File Sharing Resurrected by 'Developers'

Two weeks ago it looked like the file-sharing peer-to-peer (p2p) favorite LimeWire had been quashed for good . Not surprisingly, however, a new "Pirate Edition" of the software has arisen from the ashes and released to the public, and it's likely to ... once again arouse the attention of the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA). RIAA Fights Multi-Year, Multi-Million Court Battle Back in late October it appeared that the RIAA, a copyright protection agency, had been successful in closing down LimeWire for the near and distant future. After a four-year, multi-million dollar legal ... (view more)

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File-Sharing Service LimeWire Shut Down for Good

The one-time king of file-sharing services, LimeWire, is officially kaput. The service, which offered thousands of music downloads for free, was at the heart of a bitter and intense four-year-long debate over copyright infringement with the Record ... Industry Association of America (RIAA). Single Mom Sued for $2 Million for Illegal File-Sharing The RIAA is a copyright-protection body well-known for its many attempts to shut down file-sharing sites and file sharers, the most famous case being that of Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the single mom who was at one time fined $2 million for illegally ... (view more)

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Courts Condemn LimeWire File Sharing for Copyright Infringement

It's been a long time since anyone really used LimeWire for their pirated music needs, but on Wednesday a federal judge ruled that the service did infringe on music copyrights. Better late than never, it seems. Judge Kimba M. Wood of Manhattan's ... U.S. District court ruled that LimeWire and its creator Mark Gorton were guilty of copyright infringement and were engaged in unfair competition that caused others to also commit copyright infringement. (Source: ) LimeWire Napster's Successor LimeWire was, for all intents and purposes, the heir to the copyright-smashing crown first worn by ... (view more)

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LimeWire Soon to Launch Paid Music Store

LimeWire Store is coming to a network near you. Lime Wire LLC -- the company behind controversial LimeWire file-sharing software -- will make itself legitimate by creating a digital music store. Users will be able to search for and purchase music ... directly from the LimeWire program. Since convenience is a priority, a few different payment options will be accessible. For those who buy music frequently, monthly subscriptions will work in their favor. Customers making individual track purchases will pay between 99 cents and $1.29 per song. As well, all songs will be in MP3 audio format. (Source: ... (view more)

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Kazaa Down, Limewire Next?

The market for free music is thinning faster than a middle-aged hairline. Yeah, bad joke, but for the owners of Kazaa -- and now Limewire -- there is very little to laugh about these days. Just a week after big guns in the music industry forced ... (former) peer-to-peer file sharing giant Kazaa to pay up $100 million and go legal, it appears that the conglomeration is now ready to feast on the ultra-popular Limewire. Hot on the heels of the legal deconstruction of Kazaa, Sony BMG, EMI, Universal Music, and Warner Music Group brought the war to Lime Wire LLC on Friday. In partnership with the MPAA ... (view more)

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