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MSN Live Spaces: Problems After Launch

Recently, we reported the launch of Microsoft's new MSN Live Spaces , an upgrade to its previous MSN MySpace. Although the new Live Spaces is seeking to improve on the rampant popularity of MySpace by introducing a slew of new options (including ... quirky little gadgets, exclusive friends groups, blogs, and security measures to keep sickos away from kids), the launch day was reportedly a complete disaster. Even Microsoft has openly admitted that there were significant problems, and have publicly apologized to Spaces' junkies. In the first 12 hours of its launch, MSN Live Spaces experienced major ... (view more)

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Microsoft Launches New Live Spaces

Want to let everyone know what you think of your neighbor's barking dog or the latest episode of Lost? Microsoft has now made it easier for you to rant, this time in pretty colors. On Tuesday, August 1st, Microsoft launched its Windows Live Spaces: ... a revamped and updated version of its previous Spaces brand. The immensely popular MSN Space lets users showcase pictures of themselves, friends, pets, and pretty much anyone ever photographed/drawn. The new version upgrades these abilities, allowing users to present blogs, music lists, and, like, oh-so-many more photos. Although personalization ( ... (view more)

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