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Windows 10 Start Menu to be Redesigned

Microsoft is reportedly set to ditch "live tiles" from Windows 10. It's part of a planned revamp of the system's Start Menu. Live tiles originally debuted in Windows Phone 7 and there's a strong argument it's a feature that should have been left to ... mobile devices. The tile is a square display that shows a specific piece of information such as current weather or a stock price, updated in real time rather than the user having to click on it. Live Tiles Driven By Mobile The feature debuted on the PC desktop with Windows 8, which was widely criticized for being designed ... (view more)

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Windows Blue: Microsoft May Resurrect Start Button

According to a new report, Microsoft may be considering reviving the Windows Start Button with the release of Windows Blue , its next major update for the Windows 8 operating system (OS). The report comes to us from ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, a ... prominent industry insider with sources at Microsoft. Foley says she's learned that Microsoft may bring back not just the Start Button -- a landmark navigation tool found in virtually every single previous Windows operating system -- but also the ability to boot straight to the desktop. (Source: ) If true, this would mean a major overhaul of ... (view more)

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