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How to Fix: Nonexistent host networking interface (Virtualbox)

Infopackets Reader Calli P. writes: " Dear Dennis, I we just upgraded our server machine which includes all brand new hardware. The new server hardware will act as a Hypervisor, and are currently using Virtualbox to run our 'server' virtual machine. ... After copying over the server virtual machine to the new hardware, however, Virtualbox won't boot the virtual machine, stating ' Nonexistent host networking interface , name Intel I210 Gigabit Network Connection (VERR_INTERNAL_ERROR)', with an E_FAIL error 0x80004005 . I am not sure what to do and I need help! " My response: I asked Calli if she ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Virtualbox: Can't Change Settings, Can't Click OK

Infopackets Reader Steve G. writes: " Dear Dennis, I run a small business and we use Virtualbox to control our virtual server (Windows Server 2016). We had a hardware problem with the hypervisor machine, forcing us to copy the virtual server onto ... another machine temporarily for a week. Now that we're done fixing the hypervisor machine, it's time to move the virtual server back over. The problem is that I get an error message from Virtualbox stating that " Cannot start virtual machine because the following physical network interfaces were not found ... (etc)" It then gives the option to " ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Seagate NAS Reset Admin Password

Infopackets Reader Steve T. writes: " Dear Dennis, I own a Seagate 4 Bay NAS (network attached storage) and I forgot my admin password. The admin user allows me to create and delete network shares, plus a lot of other options - which, as I recall, ... are currently missing from the NAS control panel. I've tried resetting my password from the NAS web control panel, which then takes me to the Seagate website, but this hasn't restored full admin access to my account. I don't know what to do! I need access to this part of the control panel so I can make some configuration changes. Can you help? " My ... (view more)

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