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Mac Vulnerabilities Increase Five-Fold in 2010

With the Windows family still allowing Microsoft to enjoy the lion's share of the OS market, rival companies are forever left to jockey for second place. While the goal for these companies is to one day surpass Windows in popularity, there has ... always been one benefit in playing "second fiddle" to Microsoft: hackers tend follow user demographics. This means that Windows is as much a popular choice for malware attacks as it is for consumers. Such is true for Apple, who listed only 34 known vulnerabilities within the Mac OS family back in 2009. While even one vulnerability should be cause for ... (view more)

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New iPods Coming This Week?

After weeks of rumors regarding an impending iPod announcement, the day has come. Late Tuesday, Apple sent out invitations to a media event on Wednesday, September 5 in San Francisco called "The Beat Goes On." Although the company did not explicitly ... reveal the event's focus, the silhouette of a dancing iPod user left a big hint. "The Beat Goes On" was the final phrase used in The Beatles' last news release in 1970. Rumors have been swirling that Apple will soon reveal the availability of the entire Beatles catalog at the iTunes store. In a report released Wednesday, analyst Gene Munster said ... (view more)

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Frustration Over WGA: Exploring Other Options

Die-hard Infopackets Reader Beverly C. writes: " Dear Infopackets Team, In a recent article , Brandon Dimmel was quoted stating to the effect that " ... frustration by victims of the Windows WGA spying will only build the momentum of Microsoft's ... growing list of competition." My question is: aside from the multiple variations of the Linux Operating System, what other options are there available for home users? Here's my frustration: in each release of MS Windows, there are excessive features that the average home users never accesses and does not (and probably will not) use in the future; yet ... (view more)

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