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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

As I was working with my email today, I realized that I was not alone in trying to combat the scourge of Spam! Many are working to reduce the space and time it takes to transfer the stuff, in many cases at very real expense since there are a number ... of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that charge the user for the amount of data transferred. Some companies, such as AOL and Yahoo, have come up with preventative strategies that don't really work all that well (charging bulk emailers for Preferred Status) and tend to cause difficulties for everybody. When it comes to the user reporting spam in ... (view more)

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Process Throttling

Yesterday I wrote about a problem concerning the usage of the mail queue on the infopackets web server. To recap: whenever the Infopackets Gazette newsletter is sent out (to the list of readers), some emails are entered into a temporary holding area ... (called a "mail queue") if they are unable to reach the recipient. This is a potential problem for the infopackets web server because the mail queue can "overflow" and cause the server to run out of storage spac e. Recall: The Mail Queue Polling solution I was able to save the web server from potentially running out of space by ... (view more)

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