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Report: NSA Hacked Hard Drive Firmware for Spying

The US government has been accused of embedding spyware directly onto hard drives using secret manufacturer information. Russian security software manufacturer Kaspersky Lab made the claims, and stem from its efforts to find and eliminate malicious ... software. Kaspersky says officials appear to have only used the spyware to target specific, foreign-based individuals. Kaspersky says that the spyware is part of an operation controlled by the National Security Agency (NSA) , under the name Equation Group. It claims the NSA figured out how to put spying software in the firmware of hard drives made ... (view more)

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DriverScanner 2013 Review

Update 2013/05/08: We've contacted Uniblue and have finagled a generous 33% discount for DriverScanner 2013 for our readers (deal ends May 24, 2013). The discount link is at the end of the review; the discount is also enabled if you download the ... trial and purchase directly through the program. If you're in a hurry and know this software to be as useful as I do, you can go straight to the discount page by clicking here . Otherwise, please take a few minutes to read the review below, and then decide. -- Ever wonder why your PC gets balky, slows down, or fails to operate the way you want? One of ... (view more)

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Hackers Out-pay Corporations for Security Flaw Details: Report

A new survey appears to confirm what most would suspect: people who discover security flaws make more money selling the details to criminals than to legitimate security companies. Research firm "Unsecurity" has carried out a survey of people who ... have discovered zero-day vulnerabilities and them sold them to security companies that then use the data to improve their products. Zero-day vulnerabilities occur when the original software manufacturer is unaware of a security risk in a software program. The name comes from the idea that once the manufacturer discovers the problem, there's ... (view more)

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Repair damaged sectors on a hard drive?

Infopackets Reader Melissa P. writes: " Dear Dennis, Is there an easy way to fix and repair damaged sectors on a hard drive? Windows keeps reporting to me that my hard drive may have damaged sectors. " My response: A damaged sector *may* be an ... earlier warning sign that your hard drive is about to fail. If you have 1 damaged sector, it may not be all that bad. If you have many damaged sectors, that's a different story. Here's the skinny -- Inside your hard drive are typically 2 ~ 4 discs (called "platters") stacked on top of one another, and read / write heads between each ... (view more)

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