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Marine Corps Ban Social Networking on Military PCs

It seems "being all that you can be" also means being an online hermit. The United States Marine Corps recently announced that it will be banning social networking for all members of the elite fighting force from this day forward. Included in the ... ban are uber-popular pages Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, which encourage members to publish personal information and photos, while roping friends into joining them online. That's a problem for the Marines, who believe that such activity -- and more specifically the disclosure of personal data -- is a security threat to its members who, by extension ... (view more)

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MySpace: Online Recruiting for the U.S. Marines

The United States Marine Corps is using, the web's most popular social network, to recruit new prospects. Since the launch of the Marine Corps profile in January, over 12,000 MySpace users have added the Marine Corps to their list of ... online friends, and as many as 430 people have completed online applications on the Marine Corps website. (Source: ) Changing the Way Youth Communicate MySpace has changed the face of socialization for many teens and twenty-something's. The Web-based community has over 94 million registered users that post personal profiles and communicate ... (view more)

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