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How to: Upgrade Windows 10 32-bit to 64-bit - Step by Step

Infopackets Reader Frank C. writes: " Dear Dennis, Thanks so much for helping me fix my broken start menu and task bar [which required a complete reinstall of Windows 10 32-bit] using your remote desktop support service . After you reviewed my ... laptop's hardware, I am taking your advice and wish to upgrade my system to 8GB of RAM. I understand that once I upgrade to the 8 GB of RAM, I will also need to upgrade to Windows 10 64-bit, because Windows 10 32-bit can only see a maximum of 4GB on my system. My question is: how can I upgrade from Windows 10 32-bit to Windows 10 64-bit? I downloaded ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Windows 10 Media Creation Tool Won't Work

Infopackets Reader Jan P. writes: " Dear Dennis, I'm trying to download Windows 10 onto my machine using the Media Creation Tool. I intend to download the .ISO image files so that I can make a Windows 10 DVD, so that I can keep an archived copy for ... later use if needed. The problem is that the Media Creation Tool doesn't work; every time I run it, the Media Creation Tool won't open. A friend of mine tried running it on his machine and the Media Creation Tool won't start for him, either. Any idea how I can get this to work? " My response: Based on my experience, the Windows 10 Media Creation ... (view more)

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Do I need to Reserve Windows 10 to Upgrade (even after a format)?

Infopackets Reader Jeff P. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have the 'get windows 10' app on my PC, however, when try and install Windows 10, I get multiple error codes and it won't upgrade my system to Windows 10. Is it possible for me to reformat my hard ... drive, then reinstall Windows 7 (clean), download all my windows updates, then use the Windows 10 media creation tool and install Windows 10 from that? My major concern is that I will lose my reservation for Windows 10 after I format my hard drive. Can I reserve my Windows 10 upgrade again later, especially after I format my hard drive? " My ... (view more)

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