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Problems running DOS applications in Windows?, Part 2

Recall -- Yesterday, Infopackets Reader Don R. asked if I had any suggestions for running old DOS programs in a Windows environment. In my response , I provided some links to sites with helpful DOS / Windows information (especially for games), but ... then asked Infopackets Readers for additional info. DOS-enthusiast Mike K. writes: " You're welcome to 'steal' anything useful from my website ( In particular, you might take a very quick look at LesSpace, PatchCRT, and some long-winded notes on running 'Old-Apps' in newer OSes and PCs. If you or any of your Readers have ... (view more)

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Problems running DOS applications in Windows?

Infopackets Reader Don R. writes: " Dear Dennis, I run some old DOS programs on my new XP PC and am running into memory problems. I have tried all the memory manager options I see, but they have no result. Any suggestions? " Side note: MS DOS is the ... predecessor operating system to Microsoft Windows. Unlike Windows, DOS operates from a command line. For example: to load a program, you would typically need to navigate to a program folder (by issuing DOS commands) and then execute a program by typing in its name. A sample MS DOS Window can be seen here . My response: I get asked this ( ... (view more)

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How much memory can my Laptop use?

Infopackets Reader Robert H. writes: " I am running Windows 98 Second Edition on a HP Omnibook XE2 laptop, which has 64.0 MB of RAM. I was wondering if I can add 256 of RAM in order to install Windows XP? PS: Thanks for a great newsletter and your ... eBooks, I have bought several and they have been a real help." My response: Memory configurations for laptops vary from machine to machine. Most laptops have 2 memory banks and have a limit as to how much memory they can recognize. In my experience, I've found Kingston's web site to be a great resource when researching memory ... (view more)

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Infopackets Server Failure

All is not well in the land of During the last newsletter announcement, the infopackets web server crashed. My laptop was connected to the infopackets server at the time that it happened and I was able to see that server's virtual ... memory (swap file) was almost completely depleted. In techy terms, this situation is referred to as a memory leak. How a Memory Leak causes an Operating System to crash An operating system is reserved a specific set of system memory (RAM) to perform critical system operations. By definition, it is the job of the operating system to ensure that a ... (view more)


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