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Report: Earphones Could Be Hijacked By Hackers

Security researchers say hackers could turn people's headphones into a microphone for surreptitious remote listening. However, the method has enough limitations that it shouldn't be a major concern for most users. The method, shown off by ... researchers at Ben Guiron University in Israel, takes advantage of a very simple element of engineering. That is that the process by which a microphone turns speech into an electronic signal is effectively the same as that by which earphones turn a speaker into sound, just with the process reversed. According to the researchers, that's a security ... (view more)

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'Creepy' Facebook Feature Listens to Your Activity

Facebook is facing a serious backlash over a new feature that allows it to listen in on its smartphone users. When activated, the feature uses the device's microphone to detect a user's activity and automatically updates their "status" accordingly. ... For example, if a user is listening to a new U2 album on their stereo in the background, Facebook will use a smartphone's microphone to update a user's status to "Listening to U2". It can also detect movies and television shows and update a user's status to read "Watching Iron Man" or "Watching ... (view more)

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Motorola Releases the Near-Invisible Headset

As wireless, hands-free headsets continue to flood the cell phone market in smaller models, it's becoming tougher to determine if people are speaking into thin air (and are completely off their rocker). Motorola, one of America's largest ... multinational communications companies, has just released a new headset that boasts being the smallest currently available in the world. The Motorola H9 Miniblue headset, for use with cell phones equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, is so small that it resembles a large hearing aid. The technology is said to be so compact, that the entire headset can ... (view more)

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