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Microsoft Exec Slams Own Company Over Software Strategy

Ron Markezich, the new Microsoft sales chief for enterprises and partners in the United States, recently told the media that he believes companies spend six times more than the original cost of Microsoft software in order to get it to operate ... properly. The controversial claim has lead many to believe that Markezich is downplaying the capabilities of the software his company provides. Said Markezich, "Every dollar you spend on software from Microsoft, you spend six dollars trying to get it to do anything." No doubt, this admission is quite surprising, especially considering that Markezich's ... (view more)

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Microsoft Lobbies for US Anti-Piracy Law

Microsoft has taken aim at software pirates by disrupting and even severing business ventures with American corporations. The proposal is clever on the part of Microsoft. The company looks to pass laws in every state that would punish US-based ... companies that continue to obtain their products from foreign companies using pirated versions of Microsoft software. Microsoft Anti-Piracy Law a Two-Pronged Attack The proposed scenario would work something like this: a company like Dell (US) looking to purchase keyboards from Shenzhen Biagatech Co. (China) would have their transaction stopped if ... (view more)

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Microsoft Updates for August and Everything After

Not feeling secure in your Microsoft software? Well, the company appears ready to make at least nine steps towards giving you some comfort while using Windows, Office, and development program Virtual Basic. Security updates are nothing new for ... Microsoft, which typically releases similar patches on a monthly basis. However, this update is a bit special given its size and the number of applications it seeks to improve. Patches are a mix of critical and not-so critical. Windows XP and Vista will receive security improvements addressing both minor and major holes (not outlined by Microsoft), ... (view more)

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