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Remove SpyFalcon (Removal Instructions)

SpyFalcon is the latest rogue anti-spyware program that dupes unsuspecting users into registering (paying) for a full version of the program in order to remove a supposed Spyware infection. SpyFalcon operates in the same manner as SpyAxe and ... SpywareStrike by issuing fake warning messages similar (and almost identical to) Windows Update Notification balloons. Click here for an example. Like SpyAxe and SpywareStrike, SpyFalcon infects the host computer due to an exploit in MS Windows. The exploit can be resolved after infection is removed and after visiting Windows Update Web site. Both steps ... (view more)

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ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1 Review

Synopsis: Are you tired of using below standard, run-of-the-mill digital photo editing software that came free with your Digital Camera? Wish you could produce professional looking photos and share them with friends and family -- all with little ... time and effort? Then look no more! ColorCoded PhotoStudio is a full, feature-packed photo editor, slide-show viewer, organizer, web album maker, and the last photo solution you'll ever need for manipulating, organizing, and sharing your digital pictures. Now that's a mouthful! ColorCoded PhotoStudio Pro v4.1: Screenshots Click to view: Page 1 | Page ... (view more)

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Security Risk: hidden Admin account in WinXP, Part 2

Yesterday , I wrote an article concerning a hidden Administrator account in Windows XP. As we discovered, this poses a significant security risk (especially for XP Home users) because it means that virtually anyone can gain unrestricted local access ... to the machine if the Administrator password is left blank. Side note: The term "remote access" means to control / gain access to a computer which is physically housed in another location (typically over a network, such as the Internet). In a similar respect, gaining "local access" to a computer means to utilize the machine at ... (view more)

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How to remove any Spyware / Adware Toolbar

Infopackets Reader 'SweetImage' writes: " Dennis is there any way to get rid of the Mirar toolbar once and for all? I have searched sites where I have found loads of people having the same problem. I have used at least 8 different Adware-blocking ... programs to remove the toolbar from my system, but none of them can get rid of this rotten thing! Mirar support has not answered my emails and I am going absolutely crazy trying to remove it from my system. I cannot use the Windows System Restore because it won't allow me to roll back (except for today's date) -- and furthermore, Dell can't help ... (view more)

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PC won't go into hibernation mode with Digital Camera?

Infopackets Gazette Reader Linda S. writes: " Dear Dennis, My Compaq Presario 7000 computer will not hibernate: I always get a message that says, 'Your computer cannot hibernate or standby because the Intel (R) PC Camera CS110 cannot enter a low ... power state.' I went to Compaq Communities [online message board], and received a reply which stated that I needed to download and install the BIOS and driver update for the camera to resolve the problem. Since my camera has worked flawlessly for the past 2 years, I assume that I don't need to download another driver? Please Help! " Side note: " ... (view more)

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Change drive letter assignment?

Infopackets Reader David R. writes: " Hi Dennis! A while back, I was playing around with a program and my drive letters somehow got re-assigned. My CD ROM drive (D) became E, and E became F. I am trying to put in a Video input card ... and every ... time I try to do the driver install, the PC says it cannot access drive D. Since Drive D became Drive E, there is no disk in D and thus installation cannot be performed. Is there a way I can reassign the Drive letters or reassign the default CD Rom? I posted this message on the message board at Tech TV and here is the response that I got: ' Do ... (view more)


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