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8 Ways to Protect Your Backups from Ransomware

Infopackets Reader Bob S. writes: " Dear Dennis, ... [I run an accounting firm and was recently hit with a ransomware attack which encrypted over 70,000 of my files . I nearly lost everything, though I was finally able to overcome this and recover ... my data through your help] ... What I need is a comprehensive backup solution that will allow me to automate my backups - which means having the backup drive attached to my system 24/7 - yet, the backup drive must be protected such that ransomware cannot spread to the drive and encrypt my backup data. If that were to happen, my backups would be ... (view more)

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Explained: How to Defrag a Network Drive (NAS or Remote PC)

Infopackets Reader Ron C. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have several drives on my network that I'd like to defrag, but none of the defrag software programs I've tried allow me to defrag a network drive. Any suggestions on how to defrag a network drive, ... or a program that can provide this functionality? " My response: The reason you can't find a program to defrag a network drive is because this is not possible - the easiest way to explain "why" is that the remote drives are owned by another operating system. Simply put: your system does not have permission to move these files around. With ... (view more)

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Acronis True Image 2012 Review

Update 2012/10/06: Announcing Acronis True Image Home 2013. It's finally here!!! Currently we are working on Acronis True Image 2013 review, so please read the below previous version's review. It explains how Acronis True Image disk imaging works ... and why it's completely different than standard backup software (and why it's critically important to understand this concept). Have you ever wanted to upgrade to a newer, larger hard drive and have all your data moved over, but didn't know how? Has your computer ever been infected with spyware / malware and it made Windows inoperable or full of ... (view more)

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