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'Artweaver Free 3.1.5', and 'NetworkTrafficView 1.70'

Artweaver Free 3.1.5 Artweaver gives you access to a wide range of digital painting tools. Users can create unique sketches from scratch or experiment and customize with existing digital photographs. This program offers many features for ... professional and amateur users alike. NetworkTrafficView 1.70 Concerned about activity on your network? Then download NetworkTrafficView, a network monitoring tool that analyzes packets as they pass through your network adapter. Plenty of information is then provided about your selected network. This freeware ... (view more)

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'Touchpad Blocker', and 'NetworkTrafficView 1.10'

Touchpad Blocker Touchpad Blocker automatically disables mouse buttons (on a laptop touchpad) for a small delay if a key has been pressed on a keyboard. Clicks are ignored just for a few moments, but it's enough to prevent the cursor from ... involuntarily jumping around on screen. NetworkTrafficView 1.10 NetworkTrafficView is a network monitoring tool that captures the packets pass through your network adapter, and displays general statistics about your network traffic. This utility works on any version of Windows, starting from Windows 2000 and up to Windows ... (view more)

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