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University's 'Metamaterials' Cloak 3-D Objects

They're the stuff of Disney fantasy and childhood dreams, but invisibility cloaks are something University of California scientists stay they are one step closer to developing. The scientists at the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center, lead by ... Xiang Zhang, are creeping closer to perfecting 'metamaterials', artificially engineered structures that have properties not seen in nature, such as negative refractive index. These metamaterials have recently undergone successful tests allowing scientists to cloak 3-D objects. The technology works when the metamaterials scatter the light that ... (view more)

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Align, Stack and Group Object: MS Word

When you have created several drawing objects that together make up the diagram or art for your document using MS Word, you may want to align them precisely, arrange them in various layers on top of one another, or group them to be a single unit. ... The choices via the Draw menu of the Drawing toolbar make this very easy for you. To align several objects, select them, choose Draw | Align or Distribute, and specify an alignment. You align them relative to each other or relative to the page, depending on whether Relative to Page is checked at the bottom of the menu. Objects that overlap each other ... (view more)

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Use Drawing Objects: MS Word

The buttons on the Drawing toolbar have useful tools for -- what else? -- drawing objects, such as shapes and lines. Not only can you make simple squares, circles, ovals, and lines, but MS Word provides AutoShapes, a gallery of typical shapes such ... as stars, pentagons, block arrows, etc. A special type of AutoShape, a callout, combines a text box and indicator line and is used to attach explanatory text to a specific part of the document, much as a speech balloon in a comic strip attaches to a character, or a label points to part of a cell or organism in a biology diagram. Other buttons on the ... (view more)

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