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Copying and Pasting Multiple Items in MS Word

The MS Office Clipboard allows you to copy text and graphics from all manner of Office documents and programs and even the Internet. You can then go back to MS Word and paste any or all of the items that you had previously copied. In order to copy ... items to the Office Clipboard, it must first be open in the Task pane of an Office program. You can open the Office Clipboard by clicking on Edit | Office Clipboard. Alternatively, the Office Clipboard will open automatically when you do one of the following: Copy or cut two different items consecutively in the same program. Copy one item, paste the ... (view more)

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Using the Office Clipboard MS Excel

Microsoft Windows provides a temporary storage place called the Clipboard to store a file or copied or cut text or cells, etc. while you are rearranging things in your spreadsheet. The Office Clipboard improves on this by allowing storage of up to ... twelve items in version 2000 and up to twenty-four items in version 2003, including text, images and other elements from MS Office applications Such as Excel and PowerPoint. If you attempt to copy a 25th item, Word displays a message warning you that it will delete the oldest (the one that was copied into the Clipboard first) of the 24 items ... (view more)

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