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'On-Site Computer Repair Kit', and 'Simply Google'

On-Site Computer Repair Kit Recently, a seasoned computer technician and business owner posted his list of what he brings to on-site computer repairs. His list is an excellent resource for beginners to help them start building their own kit and for ... experienced technicians to fill some holes in their own kits. http://www.technibble.com Simply Google Simply Google summarizes all of Google's services, products, and pages on one single page, with links. For those people who don't have time to learn the shortcuts or create smart keywords, this site puts everything Google has to offer on one page. ... (view more)

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'On-Site Computer Repair Kit', and 'Boot Safe'

On-Site Computer Repair Kit What a seasoned computer technician brings to on-site computer repairs; this list is a great resource for green-horn users who want to know more about the various functions performed by their systems, and when necessary, ... how to fix 'em. http://www.technibble.com Boot Safe BootSafe takes the hassle out of rebooting in Safe Mode or back to Normal mode. No installation is required, no setup requested, just download and run -- it's that simple! Users will find that Boot Safe is simple to use, fast to download and FREE! http://www.superadblocker.com Today's fresh ... (view more)

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