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IBM: New Chipset Delivers Downloads at 160GB Per SECOND!

IBM is in the final stages of producing a chipset that will be able to download a high-definition movie in one single second, making it the fastest computer chipset ever. Industry experts are baffled by the new technology, especially since the ... average full-length movie takes about 30 minutes to download, let alone having high-definition capabilities. IBM correspondents announced that the optical chipset will be able to transfer information over eight times faster than those currently available on the market. (Source: siliconvalley.com ) Such high speed and time saving features will ultimately ... (view more)

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Clean CD or DVD ROM lens with a brush?, Part 2

Are brush-based CD Cleaning Kits saf e? That was the question posed last week by Infopackets Reader, John R. In my response , I suggested using a q-tip and alcohol as a way to clean the lens of an optical drive, as some brush-based kits tend to be ... abrasive and may scratch the lens of the optical drive. A few days after posting the article, Infopackets Reader Dawn M. wrote in with her experience using a brush-based CD Cleaning kit. She writes: " Dear Dennis, I am writing in response to John R.'s inquiry about cleaning his optical drive with a brush-based system. I personally use -- and ... (view more)

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