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'Windows System Optimizer', and 'Disk Spy'

Windows System Optimizer Windows System Optimizer Free Edition is an easy tool to clean and optimize your Windows System. Windows System Optimizer is a fast, powerful utility software that speeds up your system, giving you maximum performance. ... http://free.windowssystemoptimizer.com/ Disk Spy Access your hard disk on physical level and view areas usually hidden from you. DiskSpy enables you to view every sector of any installed hard disk drive. It is irrelevant if this sectors are bootsectors, partition tables, file system entries or simple data files. Also areas protected by the operating ... (view more)

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WinTuneup Review

Synopsis: WinTuneup provides an all-in-one approach to system cleaning and configuration with a registry cleaner, junk file wiper, memory and CPU optimizer, Internet optimizer, and much more. WinTuneup: Screenshots View Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | ... Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6. WinTuneup: System Information Tools Page OS Information allows you to take stock of the vital system and operating system information. Optimize computer memory allows you to make use of the available memory to its fullest thereby maximizing the performance of the PC. CPU information provides you a clear picture of CPU ... (view more)


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