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Mitt Romney Hotmail Hack: Microsoft to Blame?

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's personal email account has reportedly been hacked. According to some observers, security weaknesses in Microsoft's Hotmail email service allowed the hack to occur. In reality, however, slip-ups by both ... Romney and Microsoft facilitated the hack. The incident occurred after the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) obtained and printed several emails sent to and from Romney during his time as governor of Massachusetts. The newspaper did not hack the account to obtain the emails, but rather made a legal request for Romney's office to hand them over. The WSJ ... (view more)

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Sarah Palin A Winner On Google Zeitgeist List

Sarah Palin may have lost her vice-presidential bid, but she has won at least one prize this year by topping Google's list of the most popular search terms. Rather than measuring the raw number of searches for a particular term, the list measures ... how rapidly a term increased in popularity. Google dubs the study 'Zeitgeist' after a German phrase translating as "the spirit of the times". (Source: ) 'Sarah Palin' topped the global list with Obama in fifth, which has several possible explanations. First, Obama was relatively well-known at the beginning of the year, while Palin came to ... (view more)

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Palin's Yahoo Email Hacker Indicted

Not so long ago, we reported on Sarah Palin's unwise decision to use her Yahoo Mail account for sensitive information. The Tennessee hacker who made Palin look so foolish has been indicted, the Justice Department announced on Wednesday. Knoxville ... resident and college student David Kernell, just 20, faces charges for cracking Palin's Yahoo account back in September. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Kernell was indicted by a grand jury for "intentionally accessing without authorization" the Republican senator's online account. Although Kernell turned himself into authorities, ... (view more)

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Palin Email Hacker Caught Red Handed

In a stunning turn of events, hackers have broken into vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account, brazenly publishing several critical messages. The chaos isn't just limited to the Republican party, however; according to reports, ... the son of a prominent Democrat is under suspicion following an FBI raid. Serious questions are being raised this morning about the security of Palin's account, and whether the Alaskan senator should admit some responsibility for using Yahoo Mail for official business. The hacker, from a group calling itself Anonymous, published some of the stolen ... (view more)

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