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How to: Prevent Others from Reading Your Emails or Accessing Your PC (at Work)

" Dear Dennis, I work in an office on a desktop PC. If I am away from the PC, anyone in the office can hop onto my computer and access my emails because the 'offline access' to my emails feature is enabled. I have no idea how to turn it off! How can ... I prevent others from accessing my emails while I'm away? " My response: The quick and short answer is that disabling offline access to emails depends on the application or service you're using - most likely somewhere in your user account settings if you're using something like Gmail, or possibly in the "Tools -> Options" menu if you're using ... (view more)

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Password Protect External USB Hard Drive?

Infopackets Reader Salomon A. writes: " Dear Dennis, With what program or how can I protect, (lock/unlock) my USB HARD drives with a password? I bought the Acronis Image and did my backup-image to a USB drive, but now my external drive is ... vulnerable. There are so many programs for scrambling files and folders but what I am looking for is really a 'Master' password like Windows XP. Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide. " My response: I don't know of any such a product that is "sold separately", per se, that will allow you to lock your external enclosure with a ... (view more)

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Digital Steganography: The art of Hiding Files, Part 3

Can Digital Steganography be used with good intent? Recall -- Last week, I wrote 2 articles on Digital Steganography (pronounced "Stay-Gan-Aw-Gra-Fee"). By definition, Steganography is simply the art of hiding plain data from sight. In the same ... respect, Digital Steganography is the ability to hide a file inside of another file, called the "carrier file". Both articles focused on a question sent in from Infopackets Reader John B., who proposed the question, "If I downloaded a jpeg image file from the Internet, and it has a virus hidden inside ... [can the virus execute ... (view more)

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