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'Anti-Microsoft Shell Replacement', and 'Pci Sniffer'

Anti-Microsoft Shell Replacement This VB application replaces the Windows shell, with a new, simpler look. Despite the fact that the application is named "AntiMicrosoft" and that the author refers to himself as "villan sorcerer", FreeVBCode.com ... found that shell to run fine with no negative side effects in its tests on Windows 2000, except for a minor problem. http://www.freevbcode.com/ShowCode.asp?ID=4212 Pci Sniffer If you want to have the full control of your computer, you ought to know which devices are installed in your machine. Independently of the installed operating system the ... (view more)

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Reassign PCI COM port?

Infopackets Reader Ric J. writes: " Hi Dennis, I recently tried to install a new PCI modem card in my system. The modem is Plug and Play (PNP) and should automatically configure itself once the drivers are installed. Unfortunately, the modem won't ... properly install on my machine. I went into Device Manager and found that the modem assigned itself to COM1, which was already in use. So my question is: how do I change the COM port so that the modem won't conflict with COM1? " Side note: PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect, or 'personal computer bus'. A COM port is short ... (view more)

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