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Google Faces $3.4B Fine for Search Bias

Google will reportedly face a fine of more than $3 billion for a series of alleged breaches of European competition laws. The penalty would be one-sixth of the maximum that could be imposed, but would still dwarf previous records. The penalty would ... come from the European Commission. Among many other roles, the commission oversees competition rules which apply to firms doing business across 28 European countries. For the record, this is a separate case launched last month , which the European Commission formally accused Google of using unfair rules in the way it pressures Android device ... (view more)

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Judge: Firms Can't Ban Online Negative Reviews

California has passed a law that means companies can no longer ban customers from writing negative reviews on websites. Even attempting to do so could mean they firms face a financial penalty. The new law follows a protracted court battle that ... concluded this summer after an online gadget seller tried to "fine" a couple $3,500 for leaving a negative review on an independent website. A court eventually ordered KlearGear to pay more than $300,000 to the couple after its attempts to collect the "debt" hurt their credit rating. KlearGear had been trying to enforce a clause in ... (view more)

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Man Fined $658,000 For Sharing One Movie Online

A Swedish man has been fined more than $600,000 for sharing a single movie online. However, the case is somewhat more complicated than it appears. The man, whose name is being kept secret by Sweden's Vastmanlands District Court, recently faced both ... criminal and civil charges. He was convicted of criminal copyright offenses for sharing a total of 517 movies on a site called 'Swebit'. Swebit is a file-sharing site. However, unlike many high-profile rivals -- such as The Pirate Bay -- Swebit requires users to register as members before they can share files. The court sentenced the man to 160 ... (view more)

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