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New Phishing Attack Dupes Users With Double Threat

A new phishing scam is out in the wild and is targeting users with online bank accounts. However, unlike thousands of similar phishing campaigns that hope to entice a user into clicking onto malicious link which redirects to a malicious website, ... this new campaign is banking on the fact that users will actually decline the request. How the Phishing Attack Works It all starts when a user receives a 'notice' to their email account. The message then claims that there has been a request issued by the service provider for the user to reset their password. Next comes the hook line: "If you didn't ... (view more)

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Scammers using Fake Outlook Alerts for Bank Fraud

Red Condor, a well-known email filtering company, is warning computer users everywhere about an email phishing campaign that spreads false Microsoft Outlook alerts. Those responsible for the malicious campaign are using the alerts to implant banking ... Trojans on PCs, leaving the door wide open for fraudulent money transfers. Over 1 Million Emails Intercepted by Noon One of the biggest concerns is the alarming rate at which these alerts are being sent out; in fact, Red Condor had blocked over a million kinds of these messages by noon just this past Friday. Researchers are almost certain that the ... (view more)

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Hotmail Leak: Phishers Make off with Thousands of Passwords

Details of a Hotmail security breach emerged early yesterday, and it's suggested that approximately 10,000 accounts could have been compromised. While the exact number of accounts has not yet been confirmed, the breach was likely the result of a ... phishing campaign -- a different kind of hack that uses fake web pages in order to acquire all kinds of sensitive information, from login data and passwords (such as in this case) to credit card and social security numbers. (Source: ) "We determined that this was not a breach of internal Microsoft data and initiated our standard process of ... (view more)

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