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Wireless router versus wireless phone?

Infopackets Reader Chris W. writes: " Dear Dennis, I'm having a little problem running my wireless laptop PC. It seems every time someone in my home picks up one of the cordless phone, the Internet service from the Linksys is interrupted. The ... Linksys router is attached to my sons desktop computer. Do you any solution to this problem? " My response: Unfortunately, I'm still using old technology which requires me to use wires to connect more than one computer to my router. I did, however, forward this question to Jake Ludington and he was able to shed some insight. Jake comments: ... (view more)

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Trace the origin of an email abuser?, Part 2

Since yesterday's article on Tracing the Origins of an Email Abuser through IP addresses, I have received two interesting comments from Readers. The first message comes a user named 'Luvaas', who writes: " Dear Dennis, I suspect that someone has ... accessed my online cell phone account and has snooped around my phone records. I have a pretty good idea who did it, but the phone company tells me that they have no way they can trace this individual. Any ideas? " Side note: IP address stands for Internet Protocol. All computers connected to the Internet have a unique IP address, which is ... (view more)

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Receive phone calls while using dial-up Internet connection?, Part 3

... Continued . The following companies offer Internet Call Waiting Phone Alert Services. These services allow Dial-up / Cable / Broadband users to receive and manage phone calls while still connected to the Internet. Below is a cost and Feature ... comparison breakdown. BuzzMe / RingCentral 1 million subscribers world-wide Online Answering Machine with Caller ID Accept Call, Ignore, Reply (text-to-speech messaging), or Send to Voicemail Voicemail with Online/Offline option Toll-Free Access to Messages Accept Call, Call Forwarding, Callback Cell Phone & Pager Notifications Get messages by ... (view more)

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Receive phone calls while using dial-up Internet connection?

Infopackets Reader Larry K. writes: " Dear Dennis, I use dial-up Internet, which is the *only* service available in my remote location. I am on call at my work, and my son will be home from University soon. Is there software / hardware / or some ... type of service available which can alert me of an incoming phone call when I'm online? I really don't want to purchase another phone line. " My response: I remember seeing a piece of hardware advertised on TV which plugs into your phone line and alerts you of an incoming call. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the product [ ... (view more)


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