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Play .JPG on DVD (Picture / Photo CD)?

Infopackets Reader Martinez 'Purity3' writes: " Dear Dennis, My DVD player is supposed to be able to view JPG picture files on CD. I recently made my own picture CD and put it in the DVD player, but the player reports an error message and refuses to ... display any images. What am I doing wrong? The DVD manual says it plays 'JPEG picture files that conform to ISO9660 Level 1/Level 2 standards, and the extended media format, Joilet.' I'm not sure what that means?! Any suggestions you can provide to help me get this .JPG picture CD working with my DVD would be greatly appreciated! " My ... (view more)

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The Moving Picture Experts Group ( MPEG ) is a working group of ISO/IEC charged with the development of video and audio encoding standards. Since its first meeting in 1988, MPEG has grown to include approximately 350 members from various industries ... and universities. MPEG's official designation is ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29 WG11. MPEG (pronounced EM-peg) has standardized the following compression formats and ancillary standards: MPEG-1: Initial video and audio compression standard. Later used as the standard for Video CD, and includes the popular Layer 3 (MP3) audio compression format. MPEG-2: ... (view more)

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Re-associate Image File Type to Open with a Specific Program?

Infopackets Reader John W. writes: " I have a Dell PC and it came with Jasc Paint Shop Pro [picture editor software] installed. After a few months of operation, a screen came up and told me that the trial period for Paint Shop Pro (PSP) had expired. ... I had never used it, so I uninstalled it as PSP cost over $100 to buy the program. After doing this I could no longer open attachments in my Outlook Express. I guess that part of Paint Shop Pro was used to view my email image attachments for Outlook Express. I went searching for a viewer to install and came across a page on the Internet that ... (view more)

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The box with a Red X -- Missing pictures in Outlook Express

I've recently received the same question multiple times -- and I can't figure out why it is that some users have such a hard time sending an image to a friend via email with Outlook Express? So, I'm going to ask for help on this one -- hopefully a ... Infopackets Reader can give me some insight. Here are some of the most recent questions I've received about missing pictures in Outlook Express: " Hello, Since I replaced Outlook Express 5 by Outlook Express 6, my photos sent by email in the text or as attachment disappear. All my friends complain that they only see a small box with a red X in ... (view more)


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