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Explained: Convert Roblox Gift Card to Robux (Step by Step)

Infopackets Reader Julie F. writes: " Dear Dennis, My daughter is addicted to Roblox and plays it on her tablet for hours on end, every single day. Recently she received two gift Roblox gift cards for her birthday. These cards contain a PIN number ... and need to be activated online so she can use it within the game. I have successfully entered in the PIN number using a web browser (on a PC), and she now has $50 worth of Roblox credit. From my understanding, I am now supposed to convert the Roblox credit into Robux, which will allow her to purchase items within the game. Every video and written ... (view more)

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Smartphones Could Replace Cards at ATMs

A British bank is testing ATMs that let customers take out money using their phone rather than a bank card. It says the technology could be safer than using a card because there's less room for hackers to steal details. Withdrawing money without a ... card isn't a completely new idea. One rival bank already allows users to get cash out using a smartphone app that generates a unique code that they can then type in to the phone to get money. The idea is to remove the need to carry a card, for example on a night out. The new system from Barclays would be even quicker to use however, and ... (view more)

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Smartphone Hijack: Virgin Mobile Users Vulnerable

Software developer Kevin Burke claims Virgin Mobile customers face an unacceptable risk of falling prey to hackers. Unlike many security issues, this isn't an unexpected bug that's produced by an oversight during the coding process. Burke says weak ... security within that system might allow hackers to hijack a user's phone number. According to Burke, he reported the problem a month ago but has not yet seen any sign that the firm is taking steps to fix it. He is now publicizing the issue in the hope of forcing Virgin Mobile into action. Six Digit Pin Insufficient The weakness stems from Virgin ... (view more)

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Windows 8 Release Preview Available Now

Microsoft has just announced that the Release Preview edition of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system (OS) is now available for download. This is generally considered the last build of the OS prior to its official launch, expected this fall. But ... don't confuse this version of the new OS with the Consumer Preview, which Microsoft released back in February, 2012. The Release Preview is generally considered much closer to the final product that will actually hit store shelves. Performance Improved, Apps Added There have been a few additions and improvements to the new OS since the Consumer ... (view more)

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Google Wallet Payment System Vulnerable to Attack

Google has temporarily suspended one of the features on its mobile wallet system for smartphones following word the platform has at least two serious security flaws. Google Wallet allows users to make payments using "near-field communications," a ... wireless protocol like Bluetooth, but with a maximum range of just centimeters. Users can hold, tap or swipe their smartphone next to a payment device without having to worry about the signal being intercepted. 'Brute Force' Could Break Code The system can be protected with a PIN (personal identification number) code, to prevent misuse when ... (view more)

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Start Menu Goodies: Windows XP

When you click your Start button, Windows XP by default, displays two columns. On the left, you see programs, etc. Then you see a faint horizontal bar, followed by a list of recently used programs. On the right, you see locations – Microsoft Office, M ...y Documents and lots of other “stuff.” Now if you’re an advanced Windows user, you might know that you can put any program you want at the top of the left side of the Start menu by navigating to the program, right-clicking on it and choosing Pin to Start Menu. This works no matter how you get to the program. Any way that ..."/news/1134/start-menu-goodies-windows-xp" class="more-link">view more)

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