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Pirate Jailed for 'All-in-one' Movie Streaming Site

An illegal streaming service offering more than a hundred thousand television episodes and ten thousand movies with no restrictions on device or location has been closed down. That's because the two men operating it have both pleaded guilty to ... copyright infringement. iStreamItAll was a subscription service that - had it been legal - would arguably have been the best value on the market, offering a bigger range than four leading legal services combined. Indeed, its chief Darryl Polo actively marketed it to customers of Netflix, Amazon Prime and similar services as a better option with a wider ... (view more)

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Windows 8 Pirates Aided by New Software Update

A Microsoft special offer has unintentionally made it much easier for software pirates to run bogus copies of Windows 8. But the loophole works only for particularly determined pirates. The loophole centers around the way Windows users activate ... their software. Each copy of Windows has a unique "key," which Microsoft checks to ensure the software copy is valid and not already in use by another registered owner. If the software's key passes these checks, the software copy is activated. Without activation within a certain period, Windows will begin to severely limit its functionality, mostly to ... (view more)

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LimeWire File Sharing Resurrected by 'Developers'

Two weeks ago it looked like the file-sharing peer-to-peer (p2p) favorite LimeWire had been quashed for good . Not surprisingly, however, a new "Pirate Edition" of the software has arisen from the ashes and released to the public, and it's likely to ... once again arouse the attention of the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA). RIAA Fights Multi-Year, Multi-Million Court Battle Back in late October it appeared that the RIAA, a copyright protection agency, had been successful in closing down LimeWire for the near and distant future. After a four-year, multi-million dollar legal ... (view more)

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