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Dead Grandparents Overcome AI Content Filters

A supposed scam in which ChatGPT can provide working Windows 10 and 11 product keys is not quite what it seems. Most of the keys it provides will only give limited access to the system. Some reports have implied that ChatGPT is using artificial ... intelligence to figure out a working product key, perhaps in the manner of a safe cracker or somebody working out a user's online password. In reality, the "discovery" was made by a user playing around with ways to defeat ChatGPT's content filters. In most cases somebody asking ChatGPT to provide information that could be used for shady or downright ... (view more)

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Why Spy? Reasons Behind WGA and Microsoft's Alleged 'Spying'

With Microsoft's recent release of the anti-piracy program Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), the technological world has been given the task of understanding this confusing and complex system intended to root out hackers trying to crack the Big M's ... merchandise. On one hand: Microsoft promises that WGA protects the user by allowing non-pirates easy access to Windows updates, downloads, and special offers. On the other hand: Industry insiders contend that WGA is a hack by Microsoft itself -- a program that deceptively infiltrates home and office computers to spy on the average Joe's every move. ... (view more)

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