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Hackers Weaponize Obscure Windows Feature

Microsoft has detailed the intricate and carefully crafted attack techniques of a longstanding group of online spies. They include taking advantage of a now-retired Windows feature for easier updates. Thankfully for home users, the attacks from the ... group Microsoft dubs "Platinum" have been highly targeted at government, defense, communications and intelligence agencies and organizations. That's promoted speculation a government may be behind the attacks. The details come in a report by Microsoft's Windows Defender Advanced Threat Hunting. It notes that while some attacks are ... (view more)

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WinShampoo 2: Two Incredible PC Utilities In One!

Have you ever taken a good, long, hard look at everything stored on your computer? Chances are there are heaps of redundant and unnecessary files that are taking up valuable disk space and cluttering up your file system. Why are they there? What's ... their purpose? And how in the world did they get on your PC in the first place? If you've owned a computer for any length of time, you have inevitably downloaded, installed, and later gotten rid of program after program. What you may not realize, though, is that uninstalling a program often leaves you with "leftovers." Now, you'd think that the " ... (view more)

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PowerUp XP Platinum

Infopackets Reader Bill C. writes: " Dear Dennis, After reading your review, I downloaded and installed WinOptimizer Platinum Suite . So far, it freed up almost 1.5 gig of space on my system. I was impressed. I also happened to come across another ... program called PowerUp XP Platinum, and was wondering if you would consider writing a review? It looks equally as good. Thanks in advance! PS: I have been enjoying your newsletters for quite some time. They're always informative and to the point. Please keep up the good work! " My response: Thanks for the kind words. I did a bit of ... (view more)

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Are DVD copies illegal?

Are DVD backups illega l? On February 20th, "a federal court has ruled that 321 Studios must stop making software that allows users to copy DVDs ... [The] St. Louis-based [company] said it would appeal the ruling by Judge Susan Illston of U.S. ... District Court in San Francisco ... [The court] has barred 321 from selling its DVD copying software within one week [ending February 27th, 2004]. " (Source: ). Despite the ruling, "321 stands firm ... to fight the Hollywood Studios in their effort to take away our customers' digital rights,' said Robert Moore, Founder and ... (view more)

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