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Report: Tetris Helps Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

According to a new study, post-traumatic stress disorder can be significantly alleviated by playing the classic puzzle video game Tetris. The game's visually-oriented design reportedly makes it easier for sufferers to avoid flashbacks by keeping ... their brains occupied. The study comes from world-renowned Oxford University, where researchers recently conducted a study comprised of two individual experiments. In the first experiment, sixty participants were asked to watch a film containing shocking violence. They were then provided a 30-minute rest, before they were broken into three distinct ... (view more)

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Action Games Improve Eyesight, Research Suggests

Think video games are wasting away a new generation of frag-happy, overweight teens? Nutritionists might have good reason to be worried, but optometrists could soon be pushing action games on patients after a recent study found they can actually ... improve eye sight. According to a study launched by the University of Rochester in New York, those participants who played a significant amount of action video games were better able to differentiate between varying shades of gray. Doesn't sound notable? Well, researchers believe it could actually help people see at night, particularly when they're ... (view more)

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