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WiFi Virus Spreads Like Airborne Disease

Computer researchers have created an 'airborne' computer virus that takes advantage of WiFi (wireless Internet) routers. The point of the study is to highlight the many ways in which wireless routers are open to abuse. The research studied wireless ... access points, and was completed by the University of Liverpool. Access points are electronic devices that relay information from a local wireless network to another (typically the Internet). For example: a PC or laptop connected to a wireless router (which is then connected to the Internet) would be considered an access point. The goal of ... (view more)

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AT&T (Still) Ranked Worst Carrier

Are you unhappy with your mobile service? If so, there's a good chance you're an AT&T customer. According to a recent customer satisfaction survey, AT&T once again ranks dead last among all mobile service providers. The survey comes from ... Consumer Reports, which released this latest report on mobile service providers this past Tuesday (December 6). For the second straight year , AT&T came in well behind its major competitors, including Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Even worse, AT ... (view more)

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New Forum Ranks, Awards Hackers Bragging Rights

While most forms of hacking are devious and malicious in nature, some hackers consider it a hobby, skill and even an art form. The sophistication of hacking is apparently the basis for a new website called "RankMyHack.com," which looks to test the ... abilities of hackers within a social forum. RankMyHack.com is the brainchild of "Solar" (the hacker name of the individual responsible for establishing the site). In an email interview, Solar did not disclose his real name or age, but did mention that he was a former computer science student who lives in Britain and still aspires to, someday, work ... (view more)

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Microsoft Brings Rewards Program to the Xbox 360

Faced with mounting pressure from competitors Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft will soon offer Xbox Live users redeemable points for their activity on the popular online gaming portal. Xbox Live is the online video game network for the Xbox 360 console. ... Those who subscribe to a membership can not only game with their friends, but also gain access to downloadable movies, music and TV shows. It costs about $60 for a one-year membership to Xbox Live. Dubbed Xbox Live Rewards (XLR), the program offers a system whereby credits are either accumulated through gaming or purchased online. Xbox Live ... (view more)

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Microsoft's Fowl Strategy for Boosting Search Results

Microsoft became the most widely-used search engine last month, rising from their third spot in May and surpassing both Google and Yahoo (the long-standing most and second-most used search engines respectively). What was Microsoft's recipe for ... success? Playing a deceptive game of chicken! Microsoft's shares climbed to 13.2% in June, an increase of 3% compared to May's figures. Microsoft's recent success came at the expense of rival search engine providers Google and Yahoo. The shares of both companies fell 1% that same month. (Source: usatoday.com ) To induce the influx of users, Microsoft ... (view more)

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Internet Explorer 6 Spyware -- Alexa Registry Key, Part 2

I had a few people email me with regards to the Alexa Registry Key (Spyware) that Chris B. submitted yesterday. OK, So is the Alexa registry key Spyware or not? There is much debate . Let me try to outline some of the issues. 1. It has been said ... that the "Spyware" part of the tool will only activate if you choose to use the Alexa tool provided in Internet Explorer. Long story short: you can't activate the Spyware component used in Alexa if you don't use the Alexa tool. You have the ability to change this (see below). 2. Spyware software is considered "Spyware" because ... (view more)

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