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Web PopUps, Messenger PopUps, and Spyware PopUps

Infopackets Reader Gaye B. writes: " Dear Dennis, I'm a newbie on the computer, and I have a big problem with popup advertisements. When I first got my PC, I let a friend use it to surf the web (unsupervised). Since that day, my computer has been ... infested with despicable ads appearing on the screen. What can I do to stop this from happening? " My response: The first thing you should do is tell your friend to mind where he surfs because it has caused you and your PC a lot of trouble! The next thing you should do is download some software that can remove / block popup advertisements ... (view more)

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Stop Nasty PopUp ads?

Damyanti L. from the United Kingdom writes: " When I go on the Internet, there are some nasty ads popping up on my computer. I also have children using this system. Can you advise me on how I can stop these extremely rude pictures from popping up? ... Many thanks. " My Response: First of all, let me say that there are 3 types of "PopUp" advertisements that exist: Web PopUps, Spyware PopUps, and Messenger PopUps. Web PopUps only occur when the browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc) is loaded. In contrast, Spyware PopUps can appear even if you aren't connected to the ... (view more)

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Privacy Protection and Anonymous Web Browsing?

Infopackets Reader Dorothy L. writes: " Hi Dennis, I am very interested in the PopUp Stopper Professional program, but would first like to ask you a question regarding some despicable emails I've recently been receiving. I am a senior citizen and a ... grandmother, and would like to eliminate male-oriented offers before I turn 81. Is this possible to do? I have been a long-time subscriber to Smart Computing and the earlier PC Novice... I wish I had known about you earlier! I just happened upon it. Terrific stuff!!" Dorothy emailed me again today: " In checking my e-mail this a.m., ... (view more)

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Panicware PopUp Stopper Pro Review

You've probably seen me mention PopUp Stopper Pro in the Gazette Newsletter before, but I have never done in an depth review on its features -- especially the Privacy Control that is offered. So, here goes! What is Panicware PopUp Stopper ... Professional? PopUp Stopper Pro is a program which eliminates unwanted web browser PopUp advertisements. PopUp Stopper Pro can also remove both Windows and Personal History Items, thereby providing the user with greater privacy control. Panicware PopUp Stopper: PopUp Blocking features Supports all major web browsers: AOL, MSN, Internet Explorer, Netscape, ... (view more)

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