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Risque Cell Phone Pics Results in Teen Arrest, Mislabelling

Six Pennsylvania high school students are among the latest teens facing child pornography charges also known as sexting : the act of sending or receiving nude or semi-nude pictures on cell phones and sharing them with others. The term 'sexting' ... comes from 'texting', which is text-messaging over a cell phone. Three teenage girls aged 14 and 15 are facing charges for taking nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves and sending them via their cell phones to three boys aged 16 and 17. The boys are facing charges of possession. The photos were discovered in October after school officials ... (view more)

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Supreme Court Makes Even Offering Explicit Images of Children Illegal

The Supreme Court has ruled that merely offering to give someone else explicit images of children is illegal, even if the pictures or videos don't actually exist. The ruling applies to all means of communication, but obviously most cases today ... involve the Internet. The specific case in question involved the crime of "pandering" images of children, defined as promoting material (real or 'purported') in a way designed to convince people that it is explicit. In this case, a Florida man named Michael Williams had been arrested after using an Internet chat room and offering to trade nude pictures ... (view more)

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