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Washington Post Nailed by Hackers; Account Info Leaked

On Thursday last week, the Washington Post admitted the Jobs section of its website had been hacked in June, a breach that led to the theft of 1.27 million user log-ins and email addresses. (Source: ) According to the Post, an ... "unauthorized third party" laid siege to the employment opportunities section of its website and on two occasions (June 27 and June 28) was able to access user information. Although log-in names and email addresses were lost, the Washington Post emphasizes that no passwords were stolen and that other personal information remained unaffected by the attack. ... (view more)

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Windows 8 Dubbed 'Windows.Next,' Details Leaked

A Microsoft blogger recently posted a description of Windows 7's successor, internally codenamed as Windows.Next, otherwise known as Windows 8. The post, however, appears to have been removed from Microsoft's Development Network (MSDN) website at ... the time of this writing. Rumor: Windows Kernel Overhauled The post claims that the "minimum that folks can take for granted is that the next version will be something completely different from what folks usually expect of Windows." It also says that the "themes that have been floated truly reflect what people have been looking for years ... (view more)

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Dell Addresses '22 Confessions of a Former Dell Sales Manager'

When a former Dell sales manager posted an aggressive and revealing blog post on, their former employer was, as you might expect, less than enthused. Dell was so unhappy, in fact, that it sent a letter to the website requesting that ... the blog be removed for allegedly containing confidential information. But after refusal to comply, Dell has changed its tune and apologized for its cease-and-desist request. The original post, entitled "22 Confessions of a Former Dell Sales Manager," offered advice to consumers purchasing a Dell. The blog offered various tips, ... (view more)

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Wikipedia Post Leads to Defamation Suit

Be careful what you post on Wikipedia! Although the online encyclopedia boasts that it's essentially an open source intellectual tool that uses publicly submitted articles, not everything is without consequence. While Wikipedia tends to monitor all ... of the posted articles with its own editors, a recent post on pro golfer Fuzzy Zoeller has the subject suing the article's writer for defamation. Zoeller is outraged that a post on Wikipedia labeled him a drug user, alcoholic, and abuser of his family. Report suggest that the poster's IP address has been traced back to an education consulting firm ... (view more)

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Google Takes to the Next Level

Blogs are all the rage nowadays. And, it was no surprise to discover that very fact when Google purchased way back in 2003. After all, what pie *hasn't* Google taken a slice of yet? Now, after three years, Google has finally given its ... blogging property a major facelift. (Source: ) Here are the new features Google has added to (quoted directly from the website): Customize your template 1. Create the blog you've always wanted with new page elements and font and color options. 2. Drag and drop page elements to customize your blog's design in a snap Create a ... (view more)

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Print Designer Gold v8 Review

Synopsis: Label Software, Business Card Software and more -- all with one program! With Print Designer Gold v8, you can create Business Cards, Mailing Labels, Envelopes, Post Cards, CD Labels, DVD Labels, Signs and more. Business users will love ... Print Designer for creating great looking business cards, mailing labels, envelopes, post cards, promotional mailers and more from your existing databases. And Home Users will love Print Designer Gold for labeling CD and DVD and collections, create personalized address labels, custom envelopes, custom post cards, invitations, and much, much more! ... (view more)


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