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Far Right Website Sparks Free Speech Debate

A company that protects websites from online attacks has stopped serving a far right website. But the man who made the decision says he feels uneasy about making such decisions. Cloudflare is designed to protect against denial of service attacks, in ... which people try to bring down a website by flooding it with bogus requests until it's inaccessible to legitimate traffic by real people. It's a tactic often used by hacker groups protesting against the organizations running the site, though it's also been used as a form of cyberwarfare. To combat such attacks, data going to and from ... (view more)

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Prince Copyright Crusade Clashes with Fans

Just how far should artists go to defend their music? The Record Industry Association of America, or RIAA, seems to believe it should mean the prosecution of average Americans, with fines reaching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now, one ... artist is taking matters into his own hands, attacking fan sites using his name without permission. The artist in question is none other than Prince, and recently he's been rocking his own fans like its 1999. Sites dedicated to the 80s legend have now been served notice that they must remove images of Prince, his song lyrics, and "anything linked ... (view more)

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Prince Punishes Piracy, Copyright Infringers

Although he may appear fairly harmless, Prince is about to attack. That's right, the singer known for partying like it's 1999 and "Purple Rain" will soon flood controversial Internet sites YouTube and PirateBay with allegations of copyright ... infringement. For those who don't know, Prince is a bit of a stickler when it comes to this kind of thing. Recently playing to screaming crowds at The 02 Arena in London, England, the artist banned fans from taking photos or recording video with their mobile phones. Since that probably didn't stop anyone from immediately posting such content on good 'ol ... (view more)

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