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How to Share a Printer between PCs

Infopackets Reader Sally B. writes: " Dear Dennis, We purchased an HP OfficeJet 8500 Pro printer to replace an older HP OfficeJet 7200. The 7200 was connected via USB cable to the server computer [and thus, all print requests were sent via the ... server]. We have been unable to get the Officejet 8500 printer to work on the network. Any tips? " My response: This is one of those questions that could be a "1 in a million" reasons as to why it's not working, but I'll give you a quick checklist of things you can try so you can at least guess where the problem lies: 1. Unplug the old printer and ... (view more)

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Problems running DOS applications in Windows?, Part 2

Recall -- Yesterday, Infopackets Reader Don R. asked if I had any suggestions for running old DOS programs in a Windows environment. In my response , I provided some links to sites with helpful DOS / Windows information (especially for games), but ... then asked Infopackets Readers for additional info. DOS-enthusiast Mike K. writes: " You're welcome to 'steal' anything useful from my website ( In particular, you might take a very quick look at LesSpace, PatchCRT, and some long-winded notes on running 'Old-Apps' in newer OSes and PCs. If you or any of your Readers have ... (view more)

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