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Global Watchdogs Attack Google's Latitude

Google recently released a location-aware mobile application (Google Latitude) allowing the friends and family of a mobile phone user to track their location at all times. Not only is the location of the mobile user featured, but the application can ... also be used to contact them via SMS, Google Talk or Gmail. Now, Privacy International, a non-profit, British-based organization acting as a watchdog for surveillance invasions by governments and corporations has publicly blasted the application, calling it an "unnecessary danger to the security and privacy of a user". (Source: ... (view more)

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Google Grinded for Pathetic Privacy

Those who own (and survive upon) web pages are well aware that Google controls the universe. For a webmaster, ranking high on its searches, be they organic or paid, can make the difference between driving an Infiniti and an infinitely shop-ridden ... vehicle. That's why it's particularly interesting that one watchdog group is chipping away at Google's monstrous success, attacking the search engine's inability to protect the privacy of its users. The report comes from Privacy International (PI), which recently completed a six month study of 23 different web entities. Google finished dead last, ... (view more)

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