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8 Ways to Protect Your Backups from Ransomware

Infopackets Reader Bob S. writes: " Dear Dennis, ... [I run an accounting firm and was recently hit with a ransomware attack which encrypted over 70,000 of my files . I nearly lost everything, though I was finally able to overcome this and recover ... my data through your help] ... What I need is a comprehensive backup solution that will allow me to automate my backups - which means having the backup drive attached to my system 24/7 - yet, the backup drive must be protected such that ransomware cannot spread to the drive and encrypt my backup data. If that were to happen, my backups would be ... (view more)

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'Dialupass 3.16', and 'Protected Storage PassView 1.63'

Dialupass 3.16 This utility enumerates all dialup / VPN (virtual private network) entries on your computers. It displays their logon details, including user name, password, and domain. You can use it to recover a lost password for your Internet ... connection or VPN. Dialupass also allows you to save the dialup / VPN list into text / html / csv / xml file, or copy it to the clipboard. Protected Storage PassView 1.63 Protected Storage PassView is a small utility that reveals the passwords stored on your computer by Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and MSN Explorer. The ... (view more)

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