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'USB Protector 1.01', and 'Linkman Lite 8.2'

USB Protector 1.01 USB protector is a small tool developed in Microsoft .Net 3.0 framework to help prevent malware infections through USB removable storage drives. It can detect and eliminate malware automatically and provides a full scan of the ... drive to find hidden files. Linkman Lite 8.2 Linkman is a program that allows users to efficiently manage bookmarks. It works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera browsers. Linkman is a standalone browser independent bookmarks manager and search tool. This freeware software program is brought ... (view more)

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'iPhone Explorer', and 'IS Protector'

iPhone Explorer With iPhone Explorer, you can look into the file system of your iPhone and download and upload files by USB connection, regardless of file format. This also allows you to use your iPhone as a USB storage device, which is convenient ... for people on the go. Freeware. IS Protector IS Protector permanently deletes selected files from your computer with the most reliable data termination algorithms. A stranger can't recover erased confidential information with this program, which is specially designed to make sure that once a file is gone, it's gone for good ... (view more)

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'Tools Tab', and 'Protector Plus'

Tools Tab Tools Tab is available in the System Configuration utility (Msconfig.exe), but only after you install the 906569 update on a Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)-based computer. You can customize the list of tools on the Tools tab to ... include additional tools, to modify command-line switches or to add both of these functionalities. You can apply changes to the list of tools by using update services such as Windows Update or OEM programs. Additionally, you can customize the Tools tab by editing the Mscfgtlc.xml file that is associated with the System Configuration utility. This ... (view more)

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