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How to Fix: Combine PST Files - Free (Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016)

Infopackets Reader Pat C. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have been using Microsoft Outlook for a number of years as it is my go-to email client. Every so often I need to reinstall Windows for various reasons; when this happens I have to reinstall Outlook ... and create a new Outlook .PST file, which stores my Outlook data including emails and calendar. The problem is that I have 8 .PST files from each time I've had to reinstall Windows over the years, as Outlook simply - will not - allow you to continue using the same .PST file from where you last left off. From what I can tell, each time the .PST file ... (view more)

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Archive Outlook E-Mail Without a .PST File

Microsoft Outlook has always archived your e-mail in a Personal Storage File (.PST). The .PST files stores Calendar items, e-mail, Journal entries, and Tasks on local Windows workstations. Users are responsible for proper archiving, such as ... specifying the archiving period, file locations, etc. The .PST files are notorious for corruption. There are many repair utilities that exist just for the purpose of repairing and recovering corrupted .PST files. There was another big drawback to the original .PST file: SIZE. Outlook 2002's .PST file was limited to 1.933 GB. Outlook 2003 increased the size ... (view more)

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