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Win7 Earns Microsoft Highest Customer Satisfaction Record

The curse of Windows Vista may have finally come to an end. Recently, Microsoft not only regained their lost customer satisfaction rating, but also managed to attain their highest rating to date, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index ... (ACSI) survey. All signs are pointing to Windows 7 as being the reason for the happy Microsoft customers. Vista Customer Satisfaction Rate Low Microsoft had much to lose with the release of Windows 7, especially since Vista was considered by many to be a marketing flop. The reaction to Vista became so negative that many credit it as the reason ... (view more)

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The Bully Lawsuit: Florida Attorney Sues To Stop Release of Controversial Game

Has Florida lawyer Jack Thompson been in the hot sun too long? Or was he the victim of a childhood bully? Whatever the case may be, Thompson is now targeting a bully of a different kind -- the controversial new PS2 game, Bully. Bully is being ... released by Rockstar Games (Take-Two Interactive), the company behind the much-debated Grand Theft Auto titles. Rockstar got into huge trouble last year when a hidden sex mini-game known as "hot coffee" was uncovered in the PS2 and PC versions of GTA: San Andreas. The reason for the controversy: the "hot coffee" segment -- initially believed to be ... (view more)

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Choose correct RAM to upgrade PC?

Infopackets Reader 'Ppeltscott' writes: " Hello! I have an HP pavillion model number 743g and it has 512mb of DDR memory [RAM]. I was just on Hewlett Packard's web site to see how much RAM I could put in my machine, and it said that my particular ... model uses 3 different RAM types: 200mts, 266mts, and 333mts. Does this mean that I can use the 333mts [PC2700 DDR] instead of the 266mts [PC2100 DDR]? Thanks for any input. " My response: The short answer is that you need to match the existing type of RAM inside your machine. A very simple way to find out the speed rating of your current ... (view more)

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