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'Free Image Editor 2.4', and 'Canon RAW Codec 1.9'

Free Image Editor 2.4 Free Image Editor is a bitmap image-editing application that lets you retouch existing photos or create original graphics. Free Image Editor gives you the tools and supplies of a professional graphic design studio. Free Image ... Editor provides a rich graphics toolset for digital photography, print production and web design. http://www.softpedia.com Canon RAW Codec 1.9 Canon RAW Codec is a plug-in software that enables the import and display of Canon RAW image files when installed in Windows 7 32-bit version / Windows Vista (including SP1/SP2) 32-bit version / Windows XP ( ... (view more)

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'Boot Builder', and 'Raw Copy'

Boot Builder Boot Builder allows you to create your own custom boot sector, and also allows you to recreate or restore boot sectors lost due to virus or other damage to a drive. Boot sectors can be imported or exported to a disk or created from a ... template. http://www.roadkil.net Raw Copy Raw Copy copies a disk as a raw image from one drive directly to another. This utility is designed for people who have a faulty drive and want to transfer the data directly to another drive without doing a file by file copy. This saves the need for operating system re-installs and allows drives with an ... (view more)

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