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Amazon Patent Eavesdrops, Targets User Ads

Amazon has patented a system for listening to devices in order to better target advertising to users. But it says it doesn't use the feature in its gadgets. The patent dates back to an initial application in 2011, but the most recent version was not ... approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office until last November and has only recently been made public. The basis of the patent is 'sniffer' technology, though that's used as an analogy to reflect the idea that the devices wouldn't permanently capture and store what people were saying. Instead they would use trigger words. Saying 'Like' Would ... (view more)

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Orbitz Offers Pricier Hotels to Mac Users: Report

Online travel agency Orbitz is reportedly offering more expensive hotels to Mac users than to people using a PC. The agency has made this adjustment intentionally, based on research showing that Mac users regularly pay more for Internet hotels ... bookings. According to reports, Orbitz examined data from past bookings and found that the average price PC users pay through the site for a night in a hotel is about $100. However, Mac users pay an average of $20 to $30 extra for the same bookings. Mac Users More Likely to Spend Big The data showed a consistent pattern: Mac users are 40 per cent more ... (view more)

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Google Introduces Facebook-Inspired 'Like' Button

Google is reportedly implementing a feature similar to the Facebook "Like" button and will incorporate it into their popular search engine. The new social search feature, called the "+1 Experiment," allows users to recommend a certain link or ... website to their family and friends. Google has big plans to compile all of the information concerning +1 activity in order to provide users with a more favorable experience when using their services. Users Encouraged to Join Experiment Participation in the +1 venture is not automatic, and those interested will have to take an extra minute or ... (view more)

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